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TopSite Information

How it works?

Topsite is a place where Server Administrators can post their servers. Posted servers are ranked by votes received from server players - in listing you see it as "IN".
Many of servers reward their voters with in game goods like "credits", items or other valuables. In this site you can see which servers are listed and how many votes each of them got.
This topsite votes (IN) will be reseted every month on 1st date. This will guarantee that TOP servers (highest ranks) will always be active servers.

For our viewers we also provide other server stat which you can see as "OUT". OUT means how many people have clicked on this server this month. OUT also is reseted every month to provide you with most up-to-date data possible. Our topsite counts 1 click as 1 OUT. One OUT is counted from 1 IP once every 24 hours - this means that if you open topsite (example) 4 times a day and 4 times click on the same server - only 1 OUT will be added to this server.

Server administrators have access to detailed data about IN and OUT statistics in theyr User Panel. We provide data daily, weekly and monthly. Server administrators can't see your IP address or any other data about you if you click on their servers link. This data is used ONLY to guarantee topsite functionality and is not viewed by anyone, which means it also can't be requested from us.

We are also offering paid advertise spots in our topsites every Game Category. Paid spot prices are starting from 1 euro/day.