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Alpha MuOnline x99999
[x99999] Alpha Mu Season 6 Episode 16 [Working events] [Balanced and smooth Gameplay and PvP] [Max Stat: 32767] [PPL:5/7/7/7] [Quality ADMIN and GM] [Online 24/7] [Good Anticheat] [Achievement system] [Castle Siege addition prize] [New Items] [New Maps] [Freebies for newbies] [Join now]

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Alpha MuOnline x99999 - Full Information:

Started: 3 July 2021
Host location: UK
Hosting provider: OVH (DDoS Protected)


Server list:
1. General Server (PVP) 3000x

Server configuration info:
Exp: 3000x (VIP: 5000x) (Offattack: 1000x)
Drop: 70%
Version: Season 6 Episode 16
Points per level: 5/7/7/7
Maximal stats: 32767
Maximal connections per IP: 4
Unique PvP Balance
All class Combo skill

In website or in game "/reset" command
Stats: stay
Spells: stay
Items: stay
Reset on spot: ON

Grand Reset(Website-Only):

Require: 50 resets
In website
Stats: stay
Items: stay
Spells: stay
Reward: 750 Gold Credits(VIP: 1250 Gold Credits)
Reward 2: (VIP: 76 Goblin Point(GP))

If you do Grand Reset with more then 50 Resets, then only 50 resets will be removed. For example, you have 125 resets and you make Grand Reset, you will have: 1 Grand Reset + 75 Resets.


All new created Characters will receive following freebies, SETS and Weapons are PERMANENT FREEBIES.

Bonus HP System

In our server GRAND RESETS will make you stronger - each Grand Reset will give you additional HP. Maximal Bonus HP amount is +30000. Each Grand Reset will gain you +150 Maximal HP. To achieve maximal bonus amount you will need 200 Grand Resets. This is one of our mechanisms to make sure that first-day donating players can not just start killing those who are grinding for months. Also, this enables high value Character Market.


Quest system

You can earn additional Gold Credits and Goblin Points in Quest system. To start, progress or finish the Quest use command "/quest". Each Quest require different things from you, you will need to find items, level them up and hunt for mobs. Currently we have 30 Quests available, and as Quest30 prize is Wings of Power for 5 days. More Quests will be added if players will enjoy this Quest system. 


Achievement system

In achievement system you can earn extra Gold Credits or other goods when finishing achievements (for example - get max Energy on 1 character or Vote for server 100 times). Achievement system has Laurels (levels). Each laurel level will grant you specific amount of Gold Credits.

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